Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Creato Softwares - A Leading 360° Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur 

We are all familiar with the word “marketing''. Well, Marketing is not a new term. Marketing has been around us for hundreds of years. With the changing time, advancement in technology and the presence of the internet affected all aspects of human life. 

Marketing is no different. With the rise of internet users and smartphone users worldwide, marketing has grown to a worldwide level where you can sell your products or services around the world with the help of the internet. 

Digital Marketing includes leads/sales through various channels as TV, radio, social media, mobile apps, websites, search engines, or any other digital medium. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important For Your Business? 

There are billions of internet users worldwide. In the last two decades, the success of businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, etc., inspired thousands of businesses to adopt digital marketing and reach a new user base. 

Digital Marketing gives your physical store/business an online presence that directly affects your overall revenue and profits. 

Just think for a minute.   

If you take your business online successfully, you can 

  • Boost your overall sales. 

  • Find a new user base.

  • Build your brand.

  • Gain more profits. 

Parts of Digital Marketing 

Just like Engineering, Digital Marketing has Two major parts. Online digital marketing and offline digital marketing. 

Online digital marketing important parts includes

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

  • Affiliate Marketing 

  • Email Marketing

Why Should You Hire Creato For Digital Marketing Services in Jaipur? 

Today, Creato Software holds a reputation in the software industry because of our software solutions. Since our foundation we have been solving small/ medium/ major business problems and guiding them to new opportunities to grow at a faster rate. We listen to the problems of our clients and work according to that.

You should hire Creato as a digital marketing agency because We offer you multiple digital marketing services in a single package. Our services includes

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Creation

  • Search Engine Optimization 

  • Local SEO for Your Business

  • Lead Generation Via Adwords

  • Website Optimization & Design

  • Brand Visibility & Awareness

  • Digital Content Creation 

  • Highly Effective Ad Campaign

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