College-School ERP

College-School ERP

Best School College ERP Management Software System in Jaipur

What is School College EPR Management Software? 

A college management software or ERP system is a multi-feature advanced cloud-based software that enables higher schools & colleges to manage various things like student's online admission, student enrollment, students' attendance, online fee management, making report cards, handling assignments, library books, etc. 

Creato's is known for developing advanced software development and mobile application solutions pan India. School-College ERP Management System is an advanced end-to-end one-stop solution for educational institutes to improve operational efficiency & overall institutional outcomes by prioritizing and automating the Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration. 

What Makes Creato software's School-College ERP Best Management Software For Schools & Colleges? 


Our software is hosted on cloud services that make it super fast and easy to access; our ERP management software helps educators streamline all the core activities with the latest technology. In addition, our software allows you to do several activities or heavy load work easily online.  

Creato School-college ERP software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. We have worked on our product for several months. Our team understands that any educational institute should function their administrative processes plausibly and opt for a cloud education ERP.

Creato School-College ERP Management Software Features

Creato Smart School & College Management Can Manage All Types of Educational Institute like School, College & Coaching, etc.

Software + Android App {Admin Can Watch All Group of School and College on One Portal Anywhere in the World. }

  • Online and Offline Admission Management

  • Admission Receipt Management

  • Complete School and College Accounting Management

  • Complete School and College Hr Management

  • School and College Customer Relationship Management

  • Online Examination Management

  • Online Result Management

  • Complete Transport Management

  • Complete Library Management

  • Complete School and College Report Management

  • Complete Visitor Report

  • Complete Student Report & Inquiries

  • Complete Student and Teachers Attendance

  • Complete Salary Management

  • Complete Fees Management

  • Timetable Management with Class-wise and Day Wise

  • Complete Class Test Management and Merit List Management

  • Complete SMS Email and Announcement Management

  • Complete Student Reporting Management for the Parents

  • Complete Student Tracking Management

  • 100+ Reports Available

We Create All Modules on Demand Also We Can Create Many More Modules on Customer Requirement.

School-College ERP Management Software FAQs 

Why Do Schools Need School ERP Software?

Almost all the schools and colleges have a large number of students. We all know that the larger the school, the more time school management and administrators need to handle tasks like admissions, fee management, timetable management, etc. Creato’s ERP management software is an advanced comprehensive school management solution that allows you to do all complicated school-college processes, such as admission, attendance, fee status, transportation, and more from one place.

What is The Role of Online College Admission Software in Education? 

As you know, A college admission softwares that is available online eases the struggle of student’s admission by making the process faster by using automation & streamline methods for all the major activities such as college student fee payments and final deposit collection. If you use a Creato’s ERP management software, You can track, receive & verify students.

Who is The Best School-Collage Management Software Provider in Jaipur? 

Creato Software is a leading software development company in Jaipur and we offer end-to-end educational institute management software development services at reliable costs. Our engineers are highly skilled and our management software are able to handle any scale or student numbers. If you are looking for a client-friendly ERP software in Jaipur contact us for the complete software solution. 

How is Creato ERP Software Different Than Other ERP Software? 

Our ERP admin management software is developed to handle a large number of students in a easy an smooth way. We have deployed our software on cloud services so that it can work faster and it is easy to access for everyone. Creato Smart School & College Management Can Manage All Types of Educational Institutes like School, College & Coaching Institutes, Universities etc. Admin Can Watch All Groups of School and College on One Portal Anywhere in the World.

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